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Sapharim by Rebirth was founded by Rebirth of a Nation: Hebrew Nation Building in the summer of 2021, under the delegated authority of Chief Elder Moshe Kohen UlamYahu and Chief Elder Yahusha SabaYahu. They commissioned Yiskah HuldahYahu to restore the office of the scribe within the Hebrew community through identifying writers to publish works that promote kingdom principles and training scribes to record and chronicle the history and legacy of the nation; past, present, and future.


Not only does Sapharim identify writers and cultivate scribes of the next generation, Sapharim makes it possible for each writer and manuscript to receive personalized assistance offering writing advice and editorial guidance, from conception through completion; putting Sapharim in a class of its own within the publishing arena.


We are a branch of Rebirth of Nation: Hebrew Nation Building, therefore, our vision is one in the same. Our focus is to awaken, restore, and prepare the chosen seed of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob through activating writers and publishing works for the building of THE KINGDOM.


Our mission is to assist authors ordained by Yahuah with the necessary steps to publish finished works that will exalt, esteem, and proclaim kingdom principles.

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