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Meet the Authors

Who We Are

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Yiskah Wells


Yiskah Wells writes workbooks for edification, exhortation, and encouragement of her audience. Her prayer is that those who read take heed to the words; and that deliverance and restoration would be their portion.

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Sha Yahu


Sha Yahu published her debut book, Halakah, in 2021 with the hopes of helping people walk the narrow path of Yahusha haMashiach. She gives glimpses of her testimony that help encourage her readers to endure the race set before them. 

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Malak Abiyah


Malak Abiyah is a seasoned artist that poured his artistry into his debut book, The End. His art is regal and causes you to gasp at such elegance and effortlessness of each stroke. 

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Debuting Soon

Tephillah is unique in her approach to writing and connecting with people. She's not a run-of-the-mill type of gal. She does everything from an artistic perspective; her manuscript is no different. Stay tuned.

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