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Yiskah Wells

Yiskah Wells is the wife of Al'azarYahu and a mother to many. She is the author of Shew Thyself Approved, Faith that Moves Mountains, and Yahusha Is; the course creator of Hebrew Fundamentals, Intro to Paleo Hebrew, Paleo Hebrew 101, and Paleo Hebrew: The Bridge.

She believes she is a prime example of Yahusha's love for his children because Yahusha is her sword and shield. Through the trials of life and the help of her mothers, she learned to go deep in prayer and worship. She knows that Yahuah will fill you with his Ruach haKodesh; you will experience unspeakable joy.

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My Story

Sooo…I never thought I would be a writer. In fact, I failed my college English literature class. I’ve never been one for proper grammar nor one that’s particularly descriptive. But the Scripture tells us that His thoughts are not our thoughts neither are His ways our ways.

In 2018 I felt stuck in a cycle and wanted to try something new. I found a free course online that was called “No More False Starts”. Unbeknown to me the goal of the course was to write a book in 90 days. I had no idea what I would write about at the moment. However, I was in the process of starting a bible study group and I was creating documents for the classes. I already knew the topics that I wanted to cover but I wasn’t sure what to name them collectively in order to create a book. Five minutes after I found out the purpose of the 90 day challenge; In my spirit I heard the book title Shew Thyself Approved.

After I finished the book I told myself that I would not do it again because of the deep learning curves. But a few years later I heard another book title called, “Faith that Moves Mountains”. At the finish of this second book, instead of feeling like I never wanted to write again, I felt like I wanted to help smooth out the learning curve for others. This was the start of Sapharim.

Sapharim is more than a traditional publishing company; it serves to help with the writing process from the start of a manuscript to the finishing touches. I never saw myself doing this type of thing because my road to being an author wasn’t an easy one. I realize now that my struggles were for a purpose. These things happened so that I could provide encouragement to the ones that need to learn from someone like them.

I am a writer, not an editor. I am not great with the English language but that doesn’t mean that I don’t have anything to say. Actually, I have a lot to say and I know how I want to say it…it’s just not always grammatically correct. But guess who don’t care? This gal. Sike, I care a little bit. If you are like me, stick around and I will help you through it.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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