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The beloved & innovative artist of Yashar'al, inspired by the Ruach Ha'Kodesh, has illustrated a vibrant collection of 65 original illustrations in a book depicting The End.

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The End is Only
the Beginning.


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The initial idea for writing a book began in 2016. I had just watched a lesson on YouTube titled The Second Exodus and Journey Into The Wilderness by Chief Elder Moreh Moshe of Rebirth Of A Nation: Hebrew Nation Building. Afterward,

I looked at my notes filled with the prophetic scriptures in chronological order detailing our journey into YAHUAH’s Kingdom. Through those notes, the Ruach HaKodesh spoke to me, commanding me to Illustrate my words. This was the second instruction that YAHUAH gave me concerning my artistry. The first instruction was for me to stop illustrating secular works and to create art that was inspired by His truth. 

During the course of creating this book, I created a number of illustrations that were based on scripture and YAHUAH’s revelations. This ultimately helped me find the tone, style, and direction of the finished product — THE END. Going into creating this book, I wanted to create something that was both meaningful and imaginative. It was important to me to create a book that I would have wanted as a child: fully colored illustrations and images that were detailed; taking me to places that were unlike my reality. In truth, I wanted this book to feel like a movie in pages. In fact, my own carnal desire was to create a work that rivaled Cecil B. DeMille’s 1956 classic film, The Ten Commandments, or at the very least its sequel that tells a true depiction of YAHUAH’s chosen. Through the five-year-long process, Yahuah has done great work, revealing to me that this is so much more. 

The function of this book is to serve Yashar’al with a visual aid depicting our glorious and eternal end as the children and servants of YAHUAH. With that said, I pray that this collection of art is edifying to you and brings all glory and esteem to YAHUAH, Aluah, and YAHUSHA, our Adoni. 

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